My Husband’s Addiction


When my husband and I married in 2007, he had been sober for 10 years and very involved in his AA recovery program. 

A year later, we were parents, marriage required hard work that we had not anticipated. He slowly started to skip meetings to be around.  Little did i  know that missed meetings rise the risk of relapse. 

When our first child was 2, he relapsed (drank once). We still totally overlooked the warning of this relapse. He then relapsed on and off for years and before we knew it, I had to call 911 because he vomited while passed out on the floor. 

PERCOCET from the Pain Doctor 

Around September 2016, my husband started to have back pain. He went to the pain doctor who ordered a full body CT scan.  For insurance reason, he wasn’t able to get the CT scan until 3 weeks later. So in the meantime, the doctor  prescribed him percocet. 

When the CT scan results came back clear, my husband was told, that the doctor would not re-fill his prescription anymore. He panicked! Now his pain was worse. He never truly accepted that the pain he had experienced was not the result of a biological problem. 

He went to see another doctor who then agreed that he “needed more percocet while we figure out what’s wrong with him.” We ran all tests known to man, to no avail. 5 months had passed and we still had no idea why the pain still persisted. As soon as the medication wears off (after 2-4 hours), it came back with a vengeance. At that point, he experienced additional symptoms such as panic attack, extreme irritability, mood swings (he would be very calm the first 2 hours after he takes the pill; then acts angry as soon it wore off), drowsiness (during the day), insomnia (at night), lethargy, heart palpitations, anxiety and depression. I knew then that we were in big trouble. 

Adderal from the PRP (Psychiatrist Nurse Practitioner) 

One of the percocet side effects is drowsiness. He couldn’t sleep at night, and couldn’t get out of bed until 10. But even then, he was still drowsy and lethargic. It took him a long time to walk from point A to point B. He walked extremely slow. He was no longer productive and missed a lot of work. His boss started to complain about his poor performance and bad attendance. He went to his mental health provider to help him get more focus, and energy, and they prescribed him adderal, an amphetamine, dangerous and highly addictive amphetamine, stimulant. 

While Adderal briefly improved his productivity, the side effects outweighed the benefits. He now could no longer sleep and talked non-stop. Suddenly,  he wanted to talk about going back to college and get a degree in Math or med school. It was creepy. 


While the percocet did not work long enough for him, he started to use weed to treat his pain. While the weed provided temporary pain relief and made him need less percocet, percocet, it did not stop the pain completely and it certainly did not fix the very underlying issue which was the addiction itself. Plus it created more symptoms such as headache, breathing problem, nausea, vomiting, psychosis, delusions…

His whole life was consumed with weed. He traveled 9 hours a week to get it and spent $1,500-$2,000 a month; he couldn’t finish a mean without taking smoke breaks, he missed a lot of work, and did not want to do anything other than talking and smoking, or be anywhere that was not easily accessible to the outdoor. He missed a lot of time being with the children. He couldn’t read nor play with the kids. Anything that was in the way of the weed, was put aside. 

When i see ads saying make pot legal, i have mixed feelings. If you can smoke it occasionally and responsibly, then i don’t see any problem. If you’re in pain, and want to try it, only do so while under a doctor’s care. Otherwise, if you rely on the weed to function for any reason, then it is addiction and it is another story.  

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