January 2019

I have been going to the gym every day for the last week and I already feel a bit lighter around my waist. I do treadmill and elliptical, for a total of 60-75 minutes per session. At first, i was disappointed because both my ankles hurt pretty bad, but as i go on more, the pain is starting to slowly fade away. Warming up definitely helps. I haven’t done any Zumba since my painful class, but I want to keep doing working on the treadmill and elliptical first and will try Zumba again.

I got two pairs of running shoes, one is Reebok DMX, and the other is Nike Air. They are both very comfortable for work outs but Reebok Dmx is definitely lighter while Nike Air is perfect for brisk walking.

I tried elliptical for the very first time in my life and I love it. It releases a lot of my stress away, while I burn fat on my arms and legs without being in pain. It gives me amazing feeling as if I’m flying. I prefer elliptical so much better than treadmill or bike.

I had always wondered what’s like to work on the elliptical, and always wonder how it felt to work on the elliptical and the thought of falling on that thing, and making a fool of myself scared the crap out of me, so i never tried, until last week.

How I got on the machine was funny, I wasn’t even thinking of trying but then I realized it was pretty dark in the movie room, and there were only 2 other people in the front working on the treadmill. I knew nobody was going to have a view of me, so I quietly clung on to one of the many handles for dear life, while figuring it out. Once I got the hang of it though, I felt really good. Hands down elliptical is the most fun, creative and easy-to-use gym equipment ever!

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