Q-Tips Shenanigans

Last Saturday night, as I was slowly drifting off to sleep, i remember seeing my 4 year-old boy sprinting out of the bathroom and disappeared to watch Captain America with his dad and brother downstairs.

What i didn’t see was the Q-tips he stuck in his ears. One in each. A couple of minutes later, he came back, with a towel on his right ear, and crying, ” I hurt my ear! I am going to die.”

My heart! I immediately checked the towel and saw there were a few drops of blood. I was shocked but felt a little relief because it wasn’t a lot of blood. However, the sight of blood really scared him and he said he wanted to go to the doctor. This was around 10 pm. I held him tight and gently cleaned the blood out of his ear. Then he fell asleep in my arms, I gave him a lot of kisses in the head and put him to bed.

The next morning, he woke up and wasn’t himself. I cleaned his ear, told my mom and husband to keep an eye on him and left for work. A couple of hours later, my mom called and said he was still bleeding and wasn’t interested in playing outside. As soon as i parked my car on our driveway, my mom was taking him out of the house. So i immediately drove to our neighborhood urgent care, which refused to see him. Apparently, ear injury can be “serious” and they weren’t comfortable seeing him. So i took him to the ER. We were there for 2 hours. The doctor was very kind, and I could tell really cared for my little boy. She knew he was scared and was extremely gentle yet still very thorough. She said she saw a white and yellow oozing but thank goodness, his injury was confined in the ear canal, not the eardrum.

She gave him a Popsicle, prescribed neomycin and sent us home. We went to CVS drive-through to get it. By the time, we got home, it was 9:15pm and time to go to bed. I barely saw his big brother and sissie. I was so tired, but felt good i got my son checked out. No more worrying about him developing an infection or getting hearing complications problems in the future. It was time to sleep.

I can get stressed, anxious, depressed but most of the time, I feel more happy than sad. I have so much to be thankful for. My world is a better place because of my little children. They are kind, funny, sensitive, and non-judgmental. They drive me crazy a lot and I’m always worried about them, but these feelings are nothing compared to the love and joy they bring me.

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