Fresh Start/ Back To School

My kids went back to school last week. My oldest is in 5th grade, daughter in 2nd and youngest in KG. I have been staying home last month, to help my husband recover from his surgery, spend more time with the children and look for another job.

For the first time in a while, I was excited to get them ready for school, and sure enough, they got excited as well. We picked up school supplies, backpacks, clothes and shoes together as a family. We went to Cracker Barrel the day before school to celebrate end of summer.

Even today, my heart is still full that I was able to share the moments with them.

We also cleaned and re-organized their rooms, with new blankets, lamps and ramps which made a big difference. They now can play, read, and hang out in their own rooms. I can tell they genuinely enjoy having their own little spaces, when they need to have some alone time.

Our oldest has autism, and often struggles with social skills. He would usually run around by himself at recess. However this week, his teacher told me, he did engage in meaningful conversations and games with his peers in class and at recess. This confirms my children can read me, and if they feel I do well, they do well. I hope they have a good and happy school year.

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